Students Speak: "We Want Our Bruce Lee"

Thursday, December 27, 2007


With over 1000 signatures already, and gaining more momentum, a group of students from the University of Washington are pushing for a statue of Bruce Lee on campus, where one in four students are Asian American:

When she closes her eyes, college sophomore Courtney Ioane can visualize the statue of Bruce Lee that she wants erected on the University of Washington campus. It is bronze and life-size -- not so big that it dominates the area but substantial enough to be noticed. And the legendary fighter would not be punching or kicking but sitting in a meditative pose.

"Bruce Lee was more than a martial artist," said Ioane, 20. "He also had an amazing philosophy of life. He's a cultural icon recognized all over the world -- except on this campus," where Lee studied for three years in the early 1960s.

Meditating peacefully, or blazed in bronze getting ready to fight, either way it's about time Bruce gets a statue there - read the full article here, as well as another down at UPI.