Race & Ethnicity in America: Turning a Blind Eye to Injustice

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The ACLU just came out with a report saying how the U.S. isn't really doing all that it can in complying with a 1994 United Nations treaty in ending racial discrimination - and if you're a person of color in this country - you knew that was coming.

Here's a snippet from the report called Race & Ethnicity in America: Turning a Blind Eye to Injustice, which can be viewed by going to the ACLU's site:

Racial and ethnic discrimination and inequality remain ongoing and pervasive in the United States, and the U.S. government has not done enough to address these important problems. Hurricane Katrina exposed to the world many of America’s grave, persistent economic and social disparities, and their impact on African-American and other minority communities. U.S. policies and practices at the federal, state and local level continue to disproportionately burden the most vulnerable groups in society: racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants and non-citizens, low-wage workers, women, children, and the accused.