If Oprah's racist, I'm really a cat blogging in a dog's body who's really human

Monday, December 10, 2007

Isn't it funny how white candidates and supporters don't have to deal with this much - if at all? If a white supporter like....let's just say Pat Sajak (because Big Money has lots of clout) comes out and supports Rudy Giuliani no one really thinks twice about it - other than what a strange pairing that would look like (and you'd have to wonder if Vanna would be there too - because you know - they're a pair).

If a white person supports a white person all is good in the world. No questions asked.

But if a person of color - gasp - a black person supports another black person - then mutterings of "See - she's against white people! She's supporting the black candidate! She's out to help black people who have her same political views! If a white person did that they'd be racist!" begin.


It's like all incomprehensible hell starts to break loose - even if in the background, not on prime time.

As said in a previous blog post - people have been voting their gender and race preferences since the inception of our country - it's just been a male white dominated preference (or trust level).

Outside of the political arena - white people have given preference to white people on all fronts in all areas of society. It's taken - in part - people of the same racial/ethnic makeup working for the same racial/ethnic communities to help ensure that the legacy of white on white doesn't leave everyone else out in the cold.

So whether Oprah is endorsing Barack purely because of his political views, or in part because of his color, or a combination of the two - it's no different than what people have been doing since this country was founded hundreds of years ago.