Ninjas, God, and the Amazing Race finale

Sunday, January 20, 2008

This is why I don't actually gamble outside of blackjack, slots, and the occasional game of poker.

While father and daughter team Ron and Christina firmly had the lead in grasp looking to take the one million home, they got edged out by winners TK and Rachel - who for all intensive purposes should have been out of the race in this final leg because of what seemed to be a massive 25 minute lead by Christina and her dad.

But if this season finale proved anything, it was this: two degrees from Duke and Princeton along with multiple shouts of "Please God Please" doesn't necessarily help you decide if you need a donkey or a pair of stilts for the final task at hand.

At the same time, while I did have a soft spot for the team of Rachel and TK before, I can't help but be turned off now because of TK deciding to compare Ron to running like a ninja.

C'mon - a ninja?

So when you see a bunch of really fast Asian American people in something like the Boston Marathon, you don't really see fast runners, but instead see ninjas?

Do they have throwing stars too?

I wonder if when TK sees a bunch of Asian women walking down the street he doesn't really see just a group of women, but rather sees a bunch of comfort women who are there to fulfill his needs? I wonder if when he sees Asian Americans applying for jobs, does he see well deserved applicants, or foreigners who take away from real Americans?

And yes - I know I'm taking some liberties and that TK may not actually think all of those things when he sees Asian people - but since he said what he did - I get to ask the question and make the point that I am.