More on AZN Television closing, Outspoken, and the AZN Website

Friday, January 25, 2008

I put out an e-mail to AZN Television's Media Contact, and here's some more information:

Official Statement

AZN Television’s last day of broadcasting will be April 9, 2008. The decision was made after considerable review of the network’s financial situation. Comcast, the network’s parent company, will continue to broadcast additional Asian programming through the International Networks and other independent providers and remains committed to supporting the Asian American community through programming, civic and cultural events.
I also asked the question of what will be happening with their website as well as Outspoken, their new blog focused on Asian American issues, and their Communications Director had this to share:

The date to terminate the site has not yet been set but the plan is to keep it up as long as the television channel is on the air. And, we do plan to continue the Outspoken blog. We’ve just selected 4 new students to contribute to the blog.

We are scheduled to have new submissions up starting the first week of February.

In addition, Comcast will continue its support of the 2008 Asian Excellence Awards which will be held in April in Los Angeles.