Messaging will get bigger and Asians lead the pack

Monday, January 07, 2008

Funny and interesting article down at Information Week on the state of SMS usage:

Gartner took quite a leap of faith in predicting that SMS usage in 2008 will top 2007's numbers. In fact, Gartner goes so far as to say that the number of messages will top 2.3 trillion worldwide. That's an average of 767 messages per mobile subscriber over the course of 12 months. I think we can all do better than that.
2.3 trillion? That's a lot of messages - and while I could have probably told the Gartner Group this already - Asians lead the pack:

Asians, though, will continue to be the leaders in sending messages, flinging some 1.7 trillion of them at one another next year. Korean teens alone send over 60 messages per day. North America's 300 billion pales in comparison.
It's definitely the Korean teen factor that's tipping the scales in Asian favor and it makes you wonder if future generations will be born with some kind of Super Thumb that can fling Kimchi at the speed of light.