PFP: Are you worthy to be in the Hamlet Kung Fu sequel?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

For all of you would be thespians out there who want a crack at being in a live stage show, the Pork Filled Players are having auditions for their sequel to Hamlet titled Living Dead in Denmark:

The Pork Filled Players are auditioning folks for our next show, Living Dead in Denmark, the unauthorized sequel to Hamlet, a play written by Qui Nguyen and directed by Lisa Anne Glomb, January 27 and 28, at the Prima Vera Arts Center (112 5th Avenue North, 2nd Floor, Seattle). (Note: you MUST make an appointment to audition!)

We are looking for actors with movement training (like dance, stage combat or martial arts). You need to present a short classical monologue and be prepared to move. Some parts require singing, so a song would not be out of place. We are looking at Caucasian, African American, Native American and (of course) Asian American actors (we ARE an Asian American theatre, after all).

Living Dead is Blazing Kung fu action(tm)! The Living Dead! The immortal Bard! All stuffed into a blender and set to puree! Characters roam a post apocalyptic Denmark in the face of an impending zombie invasion! Only Lady Macbeth, Juliet and a really pissed off Ophelia have a chance at staving off this threat but will they do or die (and maybe die again for good measure)?

To schedule an audition or for more information, contact Roger Tang at