Jennifer Aniston has Racist Bodyguards?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A snippet from a story coming out from Vancouver on Jennifer Aniston's bodyguards concerning an Asian Canadian photographer and his Thai girlfriend:

Mr. Fedyck says he was trying to drive away from the hotel where the shoot is taking place when the staffer stepped in front of his car and later followed him as he drove circles through the downtown area. When Mr. Fedyck returned alone to try to get a shot of Ms. Aniston, he alleges the same man approached him, called him names and asked him, "Where's your chink girlfriend?" Mr. Fedyck alleges the staffer repeated the epithet 15 to 20 times. Mr. Fedyck says he was rattled by the exchange and, yesterday morning, drove from his home in White Rock to a Vancouver police station to file a complaint.

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