Clazziquai Project: Robotica

Monday, January 07, 2008

This is video is a couple of weeks old - but you can check out Clazziquai's video for the track Robotica down at their MySpace TV video channel from their latest album of the same name (released last month) which is described as the following:

In order to set itself apart from many other ubiquitous remix albums, Clazziquai's Robotica recruits a spool of renowned Japanese artists to beef up its sound quality. The album contains a long list of remix cuts by Fantastic Plastic Machine (a.k.a. F.P.M), Mondo Grosso, and DAISHI DANCE in Our Lives (Track 9), Prayers (Track 8), and Fiesta (Track 10), respectively. Robotica offers a whole new experience, clearly distinguishable from the original songs. In addition, Korean fans will be delighted with the inclusion of Love mode (Track 7, 13) featuring artists like PE'Z and m-flo's VERBAL. The two versions of the song were previously released only through the group's Japanese albums.

Korean musicians, like DJKayip from electronica project band Motet and band W's DJ/keyboard player Han Jae Won, also lent their talents in Next Love (Track 12) And Lover boy (Track 11) respectively. Last but not least, Lee Seung Yeol of the legendary modern rock band U&Me Blue and whale of W pitch in their vocals. Offering a total of six new tracks that reflect Clazziquai's unique electronica music style, Robotica professes to be not just another remix album, but a whole new package of regenerated sounds.