Worst Asian Movie Of 2007 That I Thought Would Rock

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Blood Brothers

When a movie has as many recognizable and heavy hitters attached to it like the film Blood Brothers, you automatically think that it's going to be a great movie - but maybe that's what they were counting on - because in the end - this was the most uninspiring film in comparison to what it could have been, and the worst letdown of the year.

So what happened to it?

For starters there was the bad editing and scene cuts where the plot moves in a direction that left you scratching your head going "When did that happen?", and like Tran who's made his living doing music videos - in a way that's what it seemed like - just a bunch of videos strung together with just enough filler to make a film.

At the same time, the movie had underdeveloped characters and dialogue that didn't make use of the great stars that were attached to it. Sure it had some good performances in small doses (Liu Ye was a notable bright spot in the movie), but overall you never got a feel for any one of the characters because they felt more like cheap imitations of the real thing.

I could go on (and really I could), but for a more in-depth review check out www.lovehkfilm.com which mirrors a lot of what I thought about the film, and what makes it the winner of this category looking back at last year.