Naughty Asian Puppet Shows

Saturday, January 19, 2008

With puppets like Lucy the Slut and the Bad Idea Bears who try and lead puppet hero Princeton astray, Minglie Chen and Avenue Q (2004 Tony Award winners) apparently put on quite a show for its adult audience:

The Tony Award for Best Musical of 2004 honored a show that puts humans shoulder-to- shoulder at the service of giant puppets. The humans give voice and facial expression to a cast of wide-eyed puppets, led by Princeton.

As a recent college graduate, Princeton (Robert McClure) is as susceptible to the wiles of Lucy the Slut (played to varnished, trampy perfection by Kelli Sawyer) as to the wholesome charms of the kindergarten teaching assistant, Kate Monster (played with schizophrenic ease by Sawyer). Princeton agreeably falls prey to the suggestions of the two Bad Idea Bears (David Benoit and Minglie Chen), who pop up to cheerfully deliver suggestions that lead Princeton astray. Upstairs in the row of crummy New York apartments lives Trekkie Monster (David Benoit), a curmudgeon whose appetite is for porn, not cookies.

Definitely sounds like a great show to attend, and if you're down in Ohio, it runs through January 27, 2008 at the Palace Theater in Cleveland, where it will then continue on for its national tour.

For more from the article check out, and for more about Avenue Q, check out their site here.