Obama, Hillary, and Schwarzenegger

Monday, January 07, 2008

Unless you've been stuck under 500 pounds of rice trying to dig your way out, by now you know about Obama's win in Iowa, and while it's great that for at least the time being it looks like a person of color actually has a shot at reaching the White House - after listening to a lot of political rhetoric I do wonder the following:

Would America rather vote in a black man because he's still a man, versus a woman, regardless of her color?

Like I said, I think it's great (obviously) that a person of color is making as much headway as Obama, but there's a piece of me that wonders about the mindset of voters, and when push comes to shove if they think a woman still isn't fit to lead this country regardless of how many women in other countries have led their citizens throughout the years - and that no matter how much racism exists in this country, that underneath it, sexism pervades even more.

But forgetting about Obama and Hillary for a moment (because we have months left for more of that banter) the candidate, or rather non-candidate that I hope makes an appearance in the next election regardless of who wins this round, will be body builder-movie star-turned-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Forget about his politics for a moment - the only thing I really care about is that he can run in the next election, because if that happens that means we've finally been able to loosen our grip on our xenophobia as a nation and truly embrace all U.S. citizens, not just those who have been born on U.S. soil, because as much as I'm a U.S. citizen and have lived here practically all of my life - I'm still part of the immigrant population - and I know there are many immigrants who have what it takes to lead this country - or who should at least have their fair shake at trying too.

And really - doesn't "Slant Eye For Change" have a nice ring to it?