Glad You're Not Asian: Rick Murphy

Friday, January 25, 2008

Originally posted on by NiaOnline and then picked up by DiversityInc, the racism and sexism - under the guise of journalistic freedom and "satire" - just can't seem to help itself from seeping it's dumbass out into the open in this election (but then again - should I really be surprised?).

Here's a couple of snippets from the "article" penned out by Rick Murphy (Editor-in-Chief) - writing as "Yo Mama Bin Barack" for The Independent - which caters to rich white folks:

We be, you know, sick of whitey supressin' and congestin' so, you know, we won't denigrate or sophisticate but emulate and populate, you know, the system is, like, broken, y'all [...]

Ultimately, if [Hillary Clinton] gets too close, one of my New York advisors has advised me to, 'Bitch slap that ho.' White women, I am told, like that.
I feel like I've gotten a front row seat to a Klan meeting.

Get the full article down at NiaOnline as well as read the conversations back and forth between Rick Murphy about the "column" (which has since been taken down only after NiaOnline went after them) - and feel free to e-mail Ricky Murphy and The Independent to see if you too can get invited to one of their whites only secret parties.