Apple and iTunes: Supporting Musicians Who Molest Asian Kids

Monday, January 21, 2008

While Cuba denied him residency, Cambodia kicked him out of the country, Vietnam imprisoned him, and even the Spice Girls cut his sorry ass out of their movie - Apple and iTunes have decided to keep on bucking the trend - just like Walmart and Best Buy - and support Asian child molester Gary Glitter who recently had a heart attack in a Vietnamese prison.

Now I know Apple's stock took a dive after Steve Jobs released that incredible overpriced MacBook Air, but do they really need cash so bad that they have to hawk 28 molester songs available for download like "Do You Want To Touch Me", "Be My Baby", and "It Takes All Night Long"?

Or do they just not care that they're lining the pockets of a sexual abuser?

Is it the fact that the kids are Asian?

Do iTunes, Walmart, and Best Buy despise Asian kids so much, that instead of losing a few bucks in their billion dollar empires, they'd rather support a child molester like Gary Glitter, so he can continue abusing Asian kids as young as 11 years old when he gets out of prison?

The fact that they still have Glitter's music available for purchase on their sites, and at their stores, is a resounding yes.