Quick News: Wonder Girls, Theater Mu and Cindy Ryu

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just a few links to some stories from across the way:

Wonder Girls sing Korean army theme song

The Korean Army has released a theme song performed by popular girl band the Wonder Girls. Army official said on Thursday (Jan 10) that the Army Song is part of their efforts to promote a young and friendly image to the public.
OnStage: Theater Mu fishes for bigger things

"The Walleye Kid" represents a watershed moment for an Asian-American troupe that is growing in size and influence. This week Theater Mu will produce its original musical, "The Walleye Kid," at the Ordway Center's McKnight Theatre. A blend of Minnesota experience, Korean folk tales, music and magic, the piece is an apt metaphor of Mu's rise to become the fourth largest Asian-American theater company in the United States, with an annual budget of more than $500,000.
Cindy Ryu elected as mayor of Shoreline

Ryu is the first person of color to be the mayor of Shoreline, and to the best of her knowledge, the first Asian American female to be mayor of any city in Washington state. She owns an Allstate insurance agency with her husband, Cody. Ryu and her husband are both emigrants from Korea and longtime residents of Shoreline.