Asian American News Blot I Just Couldn't Get Excited About In '07

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Journey's New Lead Singer

I may get some hate mail for this because I'm sure Arnel Pineda is fine in his own right, and kudos to him for getting the job because I'm not really talking about him per se - but while on one hand it's cool that some people will be able to get to see an Asian American face in an old rock band - I guess that's my whole point - it's Journey.

As much as I'm amped up about Asian Americans getting into the spotlight, when I heard the news about the new lead singer all I could really think was - Journey?

Like old school tour bus Steve Perry spandex VH1 classic Journey?

Will anyone without a headband even see Arnel?

Here's hoping though that he brings down the house and Journey takes over the world complete with a new line of miniature dolls when I can then write posts about how wrong I was not to get excited about this piece of news when it happened.

But seriously - Journey?