Lyrics Born: New Single This Sunday

Friday, January 25, 2008

Lyrics Born will dropping a new single this Sunday getting its debut on Soundcheck with Aaron Axelsen. Check out the info from Lyrics Born's bulletin:

The first commercial radio single, “I LIKE IT, I LOVE IT”, was brought to several key stations nationwide, and apparently they’re feelin’ it hard. I was just at Live 105 here in SF where I played it for my man, music director AARON AXELSEN, the very same cat that helped break “Callin’ Out”, and “I’m Just Raw”. After one listen, he gave me a pound and told me he would give it it’s WORLDWIDE DEBUT on his show, SOUNDCHECK, this SUNDAY, JANUARY 27th, from 7-10pm PST.

That’s SOUNDCHECK with AARON AXELSEN, this SUNDAY, JANUARY 27th, from 7-10PM Pacific Standard Time.

The frequency is 105.3 here in the Bay Area, but YOU CAN LISTEN ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD at, and hitting “LISTEN ONLINE”.

Y’all know the drill. I can’t do this alone, and I need y’all to be EVERYWHERE AT ONCE. Just because this industry’s failing doesn’t mean WE can’t win. I need everybody that can read this to make a move wit’ me, and SHOW COMMERCIAL RADIO WE HAVE AN AUDIENCE.

When Aaron debuts it, I NEED ALL MY PEOPLES TO CALL IN AND SHOW THEIR SUPPORT. BLOW UP THE REQUEST LINES at: 415-478-LIVE, or toll free at 1-800-696-1053. You can also text them by sending messages to FM105 (that’s 36105) or #105 from your Sprint phone. You can also show support by sending Aaron an email,, and let him know what it do. Sheee!t, DO ALL THREE, FAM! I’M COUNTING ON Y’ALL AND I LOVE Y’ALL FOR IT!