1OAK, Cecilia Shim, And White Girls Only

Friday, August 22, 2008

Picked this up from the NY Daily News and New York Post:

NY Daily News

Waitress Cecilia Shim and bartender Laurence Brown claim in a lawsuit filed Thursday in Manhattan Federal Court that their July firings had more to do with skin color than performance.

Shim, an Asian-American, says manager Francis McHugh told her owner Scott Sartiano only wanted "white girls he could f---" serving drinks.

"What's the point of having girls if we can't f--- them?" the lawsuit quotes Sartiano as telling McHugh.

Brown was fired the first week of July, along with Shim and two other minority employees, the lawsuit claims.

Shim says McHugh told her when she was fired: "Scott has a thing about Asians, he wants all white girls."
New York Post

TWO cocktail waitresses are suing nightclub king Scott Sartiano, claiming he canned all the black and Asian waitresses at 1Oak so he could replace them with white girls. In a suit in Manhattan Federal Court, Cecilia Shim and Laurence Brown claim 1Oak manager Frank McHugh said he was firing them on July 8 on order from Sartiano, who allegedly told him: "What's the point of having girls if we can't [bleep] them?"
While you already know what I think about the let's go back to segregation when white people ruled America sentiment - I have to ask - even though the NY Post is a gossip rag, did they really need to go with the title "RACE CARD IN CLUB LAWSUIT"?

We all know what "Race Card" implies - that people of color are just whining and that racial discrimination and bias never happens (and that when people of color bring it up, we're really doing it to get ahead).

I mean being a gossip rag is one thing, but being a gossip rag who likes to tilt in the favor of the We're not going to let those colored workers sully the good name of a white guy, because just look at this picture that we put up of him - how could a nice white boy like this have a racist bone in his body, and if you don't believe us at least believe Russell Simmons crowd - well - that's something completely different.