SickStep On "America's Got Talent"

Monday, August 18, 2008

So if you're into the dance crews getting some hype on reality t.v. you'll be glad to know that the hip hop dance crew SickStep has made it into the Top 40 on America's Got Talent.

Here's some info about SickStep from their MySpace page:

Before MTV and million-dollar recording contracts, there was rhymin' in the park. Before professional hip hop choreographers and hip hop dance classes, there was breakin' on the sidewalk. SickStep is a hip hop dance crew that focuses as much on where hip hop has been, as where it is going. To quote KRS-One, "You are not doing hip hop; you ARE hip hop."

SickStep dancers have been seen in music videos for Justin Timberlake J-Lo, Dream, the A-Teens (to name a few), and toured with such artists as Aaron Carter, Vina Morales, and American Idol's own Jasmine Trias. In addition, the crew's members have been featured in commercials for Heineken Beer, Bally's Total Fitness, Intel, and Honda -- as well as performing on such television shows as So You Think You Can Dance (Season's 1 and 2), Dance 360, Si TV's "The Drop," BBC1's "Strictly Dance Fever", Spike TV's "Gamehead," and Mad TV. These dancers' work has not been confined to the small screen, though, as they have also been hired for feature films such as Groove, Austin Powers in Goldmember and Jamie Kennedy's "Kickin' It Old School".

Widely known for teaching, as well as performing, various styles and genres of hip hop dance, SickStep also travels frequently teaching workshops and master classes in both choreography and freestyle. Having previously taught at many of the top dance studios in both Hollywood and San Francisco, the group's veteran instructors have now set up shop at Team OC in California, where they teach weekly classes in all levels of breakdance, popping, and hip hop.
You can also check out a clip/trailer below: