Extra: More On The Asian Hip Hop Summit In New York

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jay Legaspi

Got some information sent down my way from Jay Legaspi (Filipino American Singer Songwriter) about the Asian Hip Hop Summit in New York happening on August 16th down in Brooklyn, and wanted to make sure to post up on it:

At the August 16th Summit at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, there are actually two stages featuring Asian American talent, and like the summit, the 2nd stage starts at 9 as well -- so for those who might not be in the mood for Hip Hop they can get a different taste -- it's all run by the same group, so there shouldn't be an issue with people jumping between stages to catch any of the acts -- it's all one price.
Two stages for the price of one? Cool.

Heather Park

The first stage is going to be hip hop, and the second stage are Asian American R&B and acoustic acts. Here are some links and descriptions to the artists on the second stage that Jay sent over:

Cynthia Lin - A Chinese American acoustic artist - very soothing, and a very kind person.

Heather Park - A Korean American R&B singer - songwriter, her voice is amazing and her back up band is tight.

WarholSoup - A Filipino American Funk Jam outfit, they were featured on MTVU once for one of their shows.

Jay Legaspi - A Filipino American Singer Songwriter
Hopefully you'll get the chance to make it on out and see some cool Asian American music -- and thanks to Jay for sending this on over.