I Still Kind Of Care: The Angie Swindell Eviction Interview

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I guess it's just the odds that while on some shows Asian Americans make it really far, in other reality shows they're just going to get the boot pretty damn quick. And even though I still could almost care less simply because it's Big Brother, if you really want to know about Angie Swindell getting evicted, here's your chance:

TVGuide.com: So I can't say that this eviction was much of a shock.

Yeah, I definitely had a feeling it was coming, even before the nomination ceremony took place. You always have your hope that the plan to have Dan and Libra go up after the conversations Memphis and Jessie had with Keesha would happen, but you kind of have to take things for what they are. So, when my key wasn't pulled, it wasn't a big surprise. At that point I knew I was going home, so I was just trying to strategize in my mind what I could possibly do in order to survive.

TVGuide.com: We didn't see you fight or lobby very hard. Were you just hoping Jessie would self-destruct?

I think that I lobbied a little more than what was maybe shown on TV. My approach to the whole game was the "lay low, plant seeds" strategy to let other people do the bidding and get targets on their back when it came down to things. So, I was hoping that if I did lay low, Jessie would self-destruct because he was already paranoid that everyone was going to vote against him. If he digs his own grave with me not causing any drama, it would have been much better for me staying in the house than If I had tried to lobby or be more forceful, giving them more fire to want to get me out. Unfortunately in the house this season, there are not a lot of people playing with common sense and rationale — they're playing emotionally rather than strategically.
For the full not so interesting interview (and I actually just couldn't get myself to finish it) check out it out here.