Hit By A Taxi But Still Running

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here's a story from the Times about Queens' Assemblywoman Ellen Young who was recently hit by a taxi while riding a bike about a month ago, but who's still on the campaign trail and out in Denver for the DNC:

"I am feeling much better and I’m back to my regular campaign activities," Ms. Young said in a phone interview this morning from the convention. "I had a concussion and injuries from head to toe. But I had a pretty speedy recovery and I feel that I’m back to normal."

And not a moment too soon, her supporters say. Ms. Young, who is in her first term, is in the only contested Democratic primary for an Assembly seat in Queens. And in that race, she faces Grace Meng, a lawyer who is the daughter of Ms. Young’s predecessor, Jimmy K. Meng.
Asian people. We're tough.