MV: Alx Kim Hoang

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Song: Thêm Một Phút, Thêm Một Giây.
About: R&B singer/songwriter in Vietnamese and English.
CD Release: 08.30.08.
Tour Info: Starting September. Playing OC, LA, SJ, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, VA, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Grand Rapids.

In his own words: Besides music and touring, I am also producing and hosting a new talk show called Next Selection. "Next Selection" is all about promoting new upcoming talents, whether it is in music, film, or designing..we promotes it all on our show. The show is 1 hr long and Vietnamese influenced. The show's mission is to bridge gaps between Viet/Asian American and the Vietnamese community. So I'm bringing in guests such as Kristine Sa, Thomas Apartment, JNT COUTURE, VuDOO, and many many others to come. The show has an unscripted, up close and personal feel to it. Will def. upload a preview or a teaser clip for you guys to see.

MySpace: Go here.