And Your Miss Korea 2008 Is...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Korea Times

22 year-old Na Re, a junior at Yonsei University studying applied statistics who one day wants to be a writer, enjoys Pilates, reading, and watching movies (and yes, I do in fact know you actually did want to know all of this).

Here's a pic of her with the other runner-ups.

The Korea Times

Who's in the pic:

Miss Korea 2008 Na Re, center, and runner-ups of the 52nd Miss Korea Pageant smile and wave to the audience at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Wednesday evening. From left, second runner-up Lee Yu-na; second runner up and Miss Korea Natural F&P Seo Seol-hee; first runner-up Kim Min-jung; Na; first runner-up Choi Bo-in; second runner-up and Miss Korea-Jin Air Chang Yun-hee; and second runner up and Miss Korea-Hankook Ilbo Kim Hee-kyeong.
Even if you lose, you're still a winner.