An Open Letter To ESPN And The Wall Street Journal

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dear WSJ and ESPN,

I know you might think this is a tired and old topic for me to write you a letter about, but I still can't help and wonder how your people have decided that the phrase "chink in the armor" is still acceptable when one of your journalists would probably never step up on a podium and say something like "I love all you chinks", because as journalists, I'm sure they understand the implication of the word and how it's been used to denigrate the Asian American population - you know - my people.

[Wait.....what the.....]

An e-mail from BOTH of you?

That was quick. I didn't even finish writing the letter yet.

Are you tapping my phone too?

O.K. hold on...let me read it for a second...'re still using that tired ass old excuse about how the phrase predates its use as a racial slur so it's O.K. then.


So basically what you're saying is that you could care less about the word "chink" in the phrase, even though you know that it's a racial slur and it's been used to discriminate against literally millions of Asian Americans, because that still doesn't outweigh the fact that it was used by a bunch of white people before then?


Just wanted to be clear.

See you in hell,