More Joy More Luck

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is it just me or is there a Joy Luck Club revival going on?

Last year the Pan Asian Repertory Theatre did a show and now the San Diego Asian American Repertory Theatre is doing one too:

While some have criticized Tan for perpetuating fictions and stereotyped portrayals of Chinese and Chinese-Americans in "Joy Luck Club," in this production it’s white males that get the stereotype treatment, even if unintentionally. Waverly’s boyfriend, as portrayed by Robert Borzych, would be insufferable under any circumstances. But played for laughs, he’s the very picture of the culturally ignorant white American social doofus.
You already know some of my thoughts on the JLC (which shouldn't be a surprise because I do like the occasional Wonder Girls' track) - so I hope they're getting a good reception.

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