Undercover: Maggie Q's Need For Speed

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

While everyone agrees that The Transporter may not be Oscar worthy material, using it as inspiration for a video game might not actually be that bad of an idea. Throw in some Maggie Q to be featured in live action sequences, and who knows - EA's "Need For Speed Undercover" might just turn out to be a bona fide hit.

Here's some of what Maggie Q had to say about working on the new game from Electronic Arts which is coming out later this year:

"Unlike a movie, when you're shooting something like this you're definitely taking a piece in a world and you're integrating it into another world. So because I didn't design the game, I don't know this world, and that's not my thing.... When you have a movie script, you know from A to Z where it's going," explained Q. "With this, we kind of had to really sit down and be very specific about where we are in the game, and what our motivation is, and what we're trying to say, and where we're trying to bring the player. It's very, very technical, so in that sense it is very difficult."
View the trailer below