Review: Goh Nakamura's Ulysses

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So I've been meaning to pop up this review over the last few days, and even though late, I figure since it is the day of the CD release show - it kind of works out - and definite props to Goh for making it easy to grab information and check out the CD online for bloggers and other folks of that ilk.

Overall impressions

Probably what I like most about it -- because I think it's hard to do -- is that "Ulysses" has a consistent feel throughout the whole CD, but every song doesn't sound the same either. You still get individual highlights and tracks, but they all co-exist together without a need to appeal to every single listener. In that way, you get what you expect.

Sweet Tracks

I've been listening to the tracks on my MP3 player, computer, and car, and while later on I'm sure other tracks will get under my skin, here's a list of some of the one's that I'm definitely vibing too:

  • Home: Probably three reasons I like this. One is that it was the first track I heard from the CD (so it sticks with me), two is the piano, and the third is I just like the sentiment of the song.
  • Sarah Rose: It just reminds me of Almost Famous, Francis McDormand pointing to a S&G album cover and saying "They're on pot", and Zooey Deschanel leaving to be a flight attendant.
  • Suitcase: Because of the infectious melody and guitar hook.
  • Red Balloons: At least for now, I think vocally it's the best track on the CD - and any song which makes reference to board games and geometry is O.K. in my book.
  • Telemachus: I like the trippy feel but I also like the placement of it on the CD.
  • Shoulder: I don't really know how else to explain it except that it has this kind of old school Beatle's rock vibe that doesn't pummel you, but keeps you going, and it'll definitely become a staple of my late-night-driving-windows-open-I-just-have-to-drive tunage.
Check out more down at Goh Nakamura's site.