NYT: Early Look At The Cho Show

Sunday, August 10, 2008

If you're going to be checking out the new Margaret Cho reality series The Cho Show on VH1 - and who isn't interested to see what it's going to like - the New York Times has a preview into what it will be offering:

Like her friend and fellow comedian, Kathy Griffin, who has found television stardom through a reality show, the Emmy-winning “My Life on the D-List,” Ms. Cho has a faithful gay following and parents who are game to be the butt of the joke. But the stakes seem higher for Ms. Cho, who also brings to the table a vulnerability born out of being an anomaly among generally conservative Korean- Americans. Much of the first episode of “The Cho Show” is devoted to her fretting over whether to accept an entertainment achievement award given to her by KoreAm Journal, an English-language monthly magazine that covers Korean-Americans nationwide.

“You’ve never supported me, you don’t care about your kids, you want us all to be pianists,” is what Ms. Cho says she would like to say to the Korean-American media, who once skewered her as “the worst thing to happen to Koreans since they put up the demilitarization zone.”

Her father advises her to cover up her tattoos and accept the award, but a friend’s encouragement holds more sway.

“Let me tell you something, O.K.?,” says Bobby Lee, a Korean-American comedian who appears on “Mad TV” on Fox. “When I was in high school, I saw your special, and it made me realize that I could do it also. Margaret, you’re a pioneer.”
It'll be interesting to see how the show actually is, what the response is like, and if we'll be seeing more of Cho, and her parents in a season two.