Cho Show Review

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If you're interested, there's a review on The Cho Show down at the LA Times and while it focuses half of the article on her and her past, it's there if you want to check it out:

Still, comedy subsists on pain, and the show, whose tenor is largely happy and light, goes for fuel to still-painful memories of darker times.

"I totally forget," she says, tearing up. "Like, I'm so, like, fabulous now, I'm so glamorous now. But I really didn't feel like that when I was a kid at all -- it was really hard."

On the premiere episode, Cho is to receive an award -- KoreAm Journal’s "Entertainment Achievement Award" and not, as she insists, "Korean of the Year" -- which brings up questions of acceptance by her community.

She's "angry" about the years she felt rejected by them, she tells her "spiritual advisor." (This overplays somewhat the hostility of a group that is, after all, throwing her a party, but it ends in love.)
Read the full article here.