Gary King, Dismal Premiere, And Word To The Horror Fans

Friday, August 01, 2008

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Filmmaker Gary King is premiering his new flick Dismal at the Horrorfind Weekend - so if you're down there, definitely get on out and support some horror - because from the trailer it's bound to be splatterific.

Here's the press release info (and Gary tells me he's also going to have some updates on his other film New York Lately soon too).

July 31, 2008 - What lies beyond the firelight? Natural wonders or unnatural horror? Is liver best accented with fava beans and a nice chianti? Does the human appetite know no bounds? On a science field trip to the Great Dismal Swamp, a group of college students find the answers to these questions and more.


Time: 5pm
Date: Saturday, August 16th, 2008
Location: Adelphi, Maryland
Convention info: Horrorfind Weekend

The Great Dismal Swamp spans over a hundred thousand acres. Home to countless species, it is a place teeming with life --and death. For the top of the food chain lives in a dingy cabin deep in the heart of the swamp, and he has appetite for human flesh.

Dana is failing Biology. Her affliction towards creepy critters has tested her will power and her grade. In order to pass, she must brave a trek into a remote region of the swamp along with several classmates, the newly coupled Gary and Shelly, all-star stud Jamal and his sexy companion Eve. Lead by their awkward teaching assistant, Curt, they soon find out this simple assignment will be a test of survival. Where they are going it's eat or be eaten.

"DISMAL" is an intense, heart-pounding dish served with a side of gore that every true horror fan must see. Director Gary King takes his first trip into the genre and delivers a stylish 70's vision with a hot cast, plenty of action and enough twists and turns to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. The cast includes newcomers Lydia Chandler, Will Triplett and Capel Kane and a performance by Bill Oberst, Jr. as the creepy ranger, Dale, that you won't want to miss.

Written for the screen by Bo Buckley and produced by Fearmakers Studios, "DISMAL" is sure to be a hit.

Go to the Dismal Website to view the trailer.