Chinese Gymnasts Cleared

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I've already talked about what I felt was poor journalism by the AP on the story of the Chinese gymnasts (their whopping two sources where one dried up and the other wasn't actually verified by Chinese Gymnast officials - which they told the AP) - and just the simple fact that everyone got into Yellow Peril mode.

So I'm glad to see that after an extremely long inquiry into the ages of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Gymnastic Team's ages, that everything has come up clean and at least for this Olympics (because now they're looking at the 2000 squad) - it finally puts this issue to rest for people who just couldn't believe that China was on the up and up in this case, and I think it's important because it can make a difference in how people look at Asian Americans here in the U.S. no matter how different we can be (and I know that's unfair, but it's also a part of the game, so I'm always up for things like this to turn out good rather than bad -- see the link to the previous post for more clarity on that thought).