Amadeus Cho and Greg Pak

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here's a quick post down at the LA Times "Hero Complex" blog about Greg Pak and his character Amadeus Cho:

The Los Angeles Times puts a premium on bringing in journalists with varied backgrounds and life experiences, which is one of the reasons it is such a fascinating place to work. One of the newest writers here is Corina Knoll, who was born in Korea, raised in Iowa and schooled in Minnesota. She sent over this Q&A with Greg Pak for Hero Complex.

Amadeus Cho is a trash-talking teen who rides a scooter while cradling his coyote pup. He also happens to be the seventh smartest person in the world, a quality that comes in handy when he’s backing up his friend, the Marvel Comics man-god Hercules. (Being good with numbers means you can do things like send an alien electromagnetic pulse to a government computer and force its chasing heli-carriers to plummet to the ground ...)

But the most unusual thing about boy genius Cho? He’s Korean American.

In the mainstream comics universe, Asian American characters are relatively rare, and when they do show up, they usually aren't a fully formed central character, which is why filmmaker and writer Greg Pak ("World War Hulk") jumped at the chance to create one.
Read it in full here.