Greatest White Hype To Fall From Grace

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Eliot Spitzer

Just a few short years ago he was the badass of white crime fighters with the nickname "Eliot Ness". In some circles it was even rumored that he wouldn't just run for President on the Democratic Party's ticket - but that he would win it all.

And now?

Now that seems like ages ago. Now we just know him as Client-9, George Fox, "I want me some Kristen and Cocoa Puffs" - the guy who's gone from being Governor of NY to someone who writes an article here and there for The Washington Post and Slate magazine on the economy and financial crisis of 2008 (and yeah - I'd like to see the pictures he's blackmailing people with too).

But I still can't help but wonder - just a little - what an Eliot Spitzer White House would have really looked like.

I mean can't you just imagine the debauchery?