The Spread, ANP Video, Obama, Assassination, And The White Supremacist Threat

Sunday, December 07, 2008

While it's not a subject you really feel like bringing up - let's face it - we all have some worries about it in the back of our mind, and unfortunately its existence is real (so much in fact the even during the campaign, security was heightened more for Obama than any other candidate).

It just takes one person to slip on through and we haven't come as far as we really think - just take a look at the store owner in Maine who decided to have a sign where people could place bets on when Obama would be assassinated with text that read "Let's hope someone wins".

It was called the "Osama Obama Shotgun Pool".

And In Video

Here's an ANP video on hate groups, Obama, and the perfect storm.

I have to add something here - I wish media - no matter who they are - wouldn't just focus on the black community when it comes to the "jubilation" of Obama being President-elect because in the end, it was also a blow to racism for all people who wanted to see a new day - a new change.

To me it just creates a divide that doesn't need to be there.