Opposing Bill Richardson

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Reading this article a couple days ago in the The Mercury News about the group of Chinese American activists who are opposing Bill Richardson's appointment as Commerce Secretary, I have to admit that I'm all over the board on it.

Here are some of my initial thoughts:

1. We have the right to demand that any person filling a public position - a servant to the people of this country - is fit for the job. If we don't feel that person has the qualities we deem worthy of that position we have every right to oppose their appointment. In the case of Richardson and how he handled the Wen Ho Lee case - asking for an apology - is more than fair to ask of a servant of the people.

2. I definitely understand though where some folks within the Hispanic and Latino community are coming from in the sense that even though there are other role models - getting one of your own into a position of power is something we can all understand.

3. That being said - I don't think it's going to cause the ripple people think it will.

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