Five "D" Words, Phrases, And Lambda Expressions For Entertainment Weekly And Marc Bernardin

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kind of like the title of this post already told you, here are five "D" Words, Phrases, And Lambda Expressions for Entertainment Weekly's Marc Bernardin who wrote the following on "casting rumors":

EW scoop-hounds nowhere near the development of Iron Man 2 have learned that John Cho has been cast as the Mandarin in Jon Favreau's follow-up to the gold-plated blockbuster. Cho, having appeared as both Harold and Sulu, will make the Asian geek trifecta with this role as the power-ring-wearing, power-mad villain. Other horribly placed sources tell us that Tommy Chong is being eyed to play the Mandarin's father, who claims to be the real genius responsible for the weaponeering success of Howard Stark, Tony's beloved dad. Does that sound real enough to start a casting rumor? Feels like it to me. After all, was there any more than that to go on when people started talking about Tim Robbins in Iron Man 2, Eddie Murphy as the Riddler in Batman 3, or Rachel Weisz as Catwoman in the same? (Let the record show that I am 100 percent in favor of a Rachel Weisz Catwoman.)
1. Dumbass

2. Douchebag

3. Dickless desipient who got deflowered by a D-List Dumblebrity

4. Dragoon

5. var dweeber = dweebCollection.Where((assObject) => assObject.StartsWith("You're a dumb motherfucker"));