NAACP, NY Daily News, And TV For White People

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I was reading this article down at the NY Daily News which was talking about the NAACP's report on how television is still too White and a few things stuck out at me:

1. It's spelled NAACP not NCAAP which was the way it was spelled in the NY Daily News headline.

2. Even though we already feel like we know this in some ways - it's great to see hard numbers as well as other information on segments like writers and who's behind the scenes.

3. Saw this comment and kinda cringed:

Is this really important given the plethora of issues that plague many blacks in this country? I don't see a significant number of Asians or Native Americans on television either, but Asian people don’t seem to be particularly concerned about that. Asians seem to be more concerned with becoming educated and climbing the social and economic ladders in this country, which is something more black people need to be concerned about.
Here's a link to the AP article, and here's a link to the NAACP where you should be able to download the report.