Dichen Lachman And The Dollhouse

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

If you're looking for a new show to pick up next year and want to support an Asian face, check out the Dollhouse with Dichen Lachman (of Australian and Tibetan descent) who'll be playing the character Sierra - and yes I know what you're thinking - we don't have to bomb Australia after all.

Here's the Yahoo snippet on the show:

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator Joss Whedon returns to the small screen with "Dollhouse," a sci-fi series that could very well become yet another cult hit. Echo, Sierra, and Victor all belong to a very unusual (and highly illegal) underground group which wipes away its members' personalities in order to imprint them with new personas. Confined to a secret facility called the Dollhouse, the three carry out assignments given to them by leader Adelle. After completing their assignments, which usually involve catering to the wealthy and powerful, the group must return to the Dollhouse to have their thoughts, feelings, and memories erased so they can enter the next scenario with a blank slate... but what happens when Echo stops.
More info on Dichen from Wikipedia:

Dichen Lachman (born 22 February 1982) is an Australian actress.

Lachman was conceived in Japan but born in Kathmandu. Dichen lived in Nepal until she was 7 and then her family moved to Adelaide, Australia. She is of Australian and Tibetan descent.

Before Neighbours, Dichen filmed an advert for Wanadoo tele-communications which was filmed in Australia and aired in the UK. She attended Norwood Morialta High School, Annesley College and the University of Adelaide in Adelaide, where she grew up.

In 2005, Lachman joined the cast of the long-running Australian soap opera Neighbours as Nurse Katya Kinski. She originally auditioned for the part of Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson's daughter, but as she wasn't ideal for the part, the character Katya was created for her.

Lachman also played a small role in the movie, Aquamarine. After she finished shooting the role of Aaren in the upcoming film Bled, Dichen then visited Hawaii to film Aztec Rex with Director Brian Trenchard-Smith.

In a recent interview with The Soap Show Dichen mentioned how she visited England in late 2006 and appeared on the BBC television show Ready Steady Cook. In the interview Dichen explained that she is currently in Los Angeles to further her acting career but mentioned that she would love to work in the UK and back home in Australia at some point in the future.

Dichen has recently been cast in the part of Sierra in the upcoming television series Dollhouse created by Joss Whedon.