Article: Mumbai Attacks Hit Home For Young South Asian Americans

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Here's a good article from New American Media:

Editor's Note: The attackers in Mumbai were apparently in their twenties. NAM reporter Rupa Dev spoke with South Asian Americans in their twenties about how these attacks affected their lives and their view of South Asia.

Where were you when you first heard about the terrorist attacks?

Shruti Ganguly, 26, Filmmaker, Nylon magazine, New York, NY

I was in my office when I saw an email about the attacks. I saw that SAJA (South Asian Journalists Association) was holding a blog radio cast in which people all around the world were calling in to discuss the attacks. While listening on the call, I unexpectedly heard the voice of a friend, who reported that she was trapped in a Mumbai apartment because the terrorists were shooting outside. I left work early, went straight home, and put the news on. I was online with my friend in Mumbai throughout the day.

Riddhika Jesrani, 26, Jewelry Designer & Graphic Designer, New York, NY

It was around noon when I got a text message from one of my cousins who lives in Bombay that read, "Oh my God, they've attacked the Taj." I started live streaming at work, and I could hear the bullets going off on television and see all the blood. It was horrifying. It was really hard to watch the news coverage, especially seeing The Taj and The Oberoi attacked. Those are the places where we hang out on a given night in Mumbai. And they're such beautiful buildings.

What was your immediate reaction?

Sejal Patel, 22, Human Resources, Intel, Portland, OR

When I heard about the attacks, I thought to myself, 'oh wow – every time I go to India some act of destruction ends up happening.' I'm planning to visit India next month. I was in India when the Tsunami hit in 2004. My mother was there when the earthquake in Gujarat happened. I was in Mumbai when (Benazir) Bhutto was assassinated. All of a sudden, the areas I always thought were safe aren't anymore.
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