Word To My Sukhee

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cool news and another first:

Irvine swears in first Korean-American mayor

Sukhee Kang on Tuesday was sworn in as Irvine's first Korean American mayor, becoming the first non-white candidate to take the highest elected post in an increasingly multicultural community.

Kang, a first-generation immigrant, appears to be the first Korean American mayor in Orange County, and is among only a few Korean American mayors in the country. He described his mayoral victory as the pinnacle of his "American experience," which began more than 30 years ago, when he arrived in the United States with his wife Joanne.

"We had few material assets and only our hopes and dreams to sustain us," Kang said. "Who would have imagined that this land of opportunity would not only allow me to establish my family, but also have access to the educational resources to allow my children to excel in their studies and grow into accomplished young adults, to afford me the opportunity to become the mayor of this great city of Irvine?

Is it just me or are we taking over the world?