Heart, Mind and Seoul: Asian American Blogger Gets Threats To Her Family

Monday, December 08, 2008

I've been a little reticent to blog about this, but down at Racialicous there's a post on a blogger who blogs down at Heart, Mind and Seoul who's had to effectively shut down her blog because she's gotten threats to her family and children from someone who apparently lives in her same state - and if you read what has been going on there, rather than getting ready for the holidays and enjoying this time, she's been dealing with the unthinkable.

If you get the chance, stop over at a fellow Asian American blog and give her some support from the community. While I'm sure she has to be thinking about a lot - I'm also sure the support will go a long way showing her that the community is out there supporting her as an Asian American woman.

When one of our own is simply talking about race and racism or their experiences as an Asian American, person of color, mother - anything - they shouldn't have to endure threats to the people they love.

Disagreements are one thing, but threatening the lives of someone's children and family simply because of what they speak about is completely uncalled for.

So again, do me this favor.

Show her some support.

While you can't read any of her previous posts anymore, I've read her blog as she's had some great insight into race and racism, and you can take my word for it - a voice like hers only adds to the community - and I hope that once this is all over she'll be able to speak her voice again in whatever format she chooses, however she sees fit, as an Asian American woman.