Anh Joseph Cao: And You're The First

Monday, December 08, 2008

Boston Herald: Cao with his wife Kate Hieu Hoang and his daughter Betsy

Caught this via some news reports as well as reader UBJ that Anh Joseph Cao, who you heard me talk about in a previous post ended up defeating Democratic incumbent William Jefferson to become - get this - the first Vietnamese American in Congress.

The first Vietnamese-American elected to Congress took advantage of dissatisfaction with a longtime incumbent dogged by corruption allegations and reflects the changing nature of New Orleans politics since Hurricane Katrina.

Republican immigration attorney Anh "Joseph" Cao defeated Democratic U.S. William Jefferson on Saturday in an election postponed for a month by Hurricane Gustav.

The victory for a 41-year-old child of Vietnam War refugees was greeted with amazement and drew parallels to last year's election of Gov. Bobby Jindal, an Indian-American Republican.

It also confirms a general shift to the GOP in Louisiana, where the Democratic Party dominated for generations and no Republican had represented New Orleans since 1890.
I have to be honest though - while on one hand I'm extremely excited at Cao being the first Vietnamese American in Congress, I can't help but wish that he was a Democrat.

I guess we just have to take small steps?