Kobayashi Gets The Gold...Err...Pizza

Monday, June 01, 2009

Damn straight people - chalk one up for the little guy who can probably eat all of our weights put together without blinking and eye and still have washboard abs:

In a chewy chow-lenge, Takeru Kobayashi outlasted Joey Chestnut when the eating titans faced off to see who could devour the most pizzas.

Kobayashi, a six-time world hot dog eating champion from Japan, consumed 5 3/4 P'zones in a six-minute span of chaotic consumption Saturday to edge Chestnut. The 25-year-old from San Jose, Calif., wolfed down 5 1/2 P'zones on Stage 15 at Sony Studios.
If you ask me he's probably got a tape worm.

h/t degenerasian