Dear AsianWeek: Stop Loving Yourself

Sunday, February 10, 2008

So in a recent AsianWeek column (put out today), they decided to go with a theme for Valentine's Day specifically targeting Asian American men - and I just have to ask myself what type of myopic people write columns like this?

Here's one of my major complaints from the article which reads:

Asian American men in this country have historically gotten the short end of the dating stick. In addition to being subjected to the inaccurate but pervasive stereotypes about being small, nerdy and effeminate, they must also face the reality that Asian American women have among the highest out-marriage rates for women of all races and ethnicities.
Let's get this straight - so AsianWeek is saying that Asian American woman should only be dating Asian American men - that Asian American women, because they decide to go out with whoever it is that they want too - they're one of the problems for Asian American males that can't get themselves a date?

I wonder if the staffers down at AsianWeek think that Asian American women should basically be at the beck and call of Asian American men - to be their playtoys - just because they're Asian American?

Or rather do the staffers down at AsianWeek think Asian American men should only be dating Asian American woman because of some sort of "purity" standard?

Is the AsianWeek staff afraid of some mudbloods?

What's funny about this AsianWeek column is that at the end of it, the staffers down at AsianWeek say:

Finally, we hope that in the future Asian Americans will craft a dating method centered on mutual respect between the sexes — free of outdated stereotypes, misogyny and notions of "the game" — and based on love for our community, cultures and traditions.
I think AsianWeek should be taking their own advice.