Bai Ling: Strip Searched

Thursday, February 14, 2008

So FOXNews and the AFP are reporting that Bai Ling was arrested for shoplifting - about $16 worth of goods - and the Star Magazine had this to say on the ordeal:

Bai Ling, if you really wanted to read about yourself in Star, we would have gladly just given you a magazine!

Instead, on Feb. 13, the "actress" — who appears in our Worst of the Grammys fashion coverage — was arrested in a gift shop at LAX for stealing not one, but two copies of Star, as well as two packs of AAA batteries (total worth around $16).

According to reports, a store employee witnessed Ling shoplifting and completed a strip search, which turned up the stolen goods. Police were called and she was taken to Pacific Station, where a tearful Ling was questioned for two hours, booked for misdemeanor shoplifting and released (no mug shot was taken).

Ling will appear in court on March 5 to face charges.
A strip search? For batteries? That must have hurt.

Hey - at least it's not a DUI.