Clinton, Obama, the Asian American vote, and lots of whining

Sunday, February 10, 2008

So I've been listening to the rhetoric (and that's what it is) since Super Tuesday and listening to how everyone has been rationalizing how the Asian American vote helped Clinton versus Obama - and really - it's just a lot of excuses from the Asian American segment that are Obama supporters.

But that's to be expected a little isn't it?

I mean, everyone wants to support their candidate - and that's great, because you should - but while discussing reasons why Asian Americans voted for Clinton versus Obama - a lot of Obama supporters also ended up trashing the segment of Asian Americans who decided to vote for Hillary instead of Obama.

Here are some of the dumbass statements and inferences from the Asian American Obama support clubs and article writers after Super Tuesday:

Asian Americans who voted for Hillary are like sheep because they follow their community leaders blindly, who ended up giving their support to Clinton

Yeah that's spot on. I guess we really are all a collective who can't think on our own. Oh wait, maybe that's just the people that bought into one article by Jeff Chang as the reasons for people not voting for Obama - because you know - he's like God.

Asian Americans didn't vote for Obama because he was black

As much as #1 relegates Asian Americans who voted for Clinton to being sheep - this inference - and it has been inferred - is that Asian Americans who voted for Hillary only did so because they didn't want to vote for a black candidate.

Yeah - this is just sewage being spewed from people who can't wrap their plebian-like minds around the fact that maybe, just maybe, these Asian Americans liked Clinton's overall experience and platform to that of Obama's.

But then again what do I know?

I'm probably just a racist Asian American guy who doesn't like black people (oh wait - don't I do this blog where I post on race and racism for all people of color...hmm - I must be more messed up than I thought).

Asian American's who voted for Clinton are just immigrants with accents who don't really know any better

I love this one - because a lot of the rhetoric that's come out from Obama supporters on why certain Asian American groups voted the way they did, or on Asian American voting coverage, do in fact infer this.

So let me see - I'm an immigrant who's lived here the majority of my life, and I know other immigrants who happen to have accents - I guess that means regardless of who we might vote for, that we don't really know any better because well - we're just dumbass immigrants?

And an accent makes someone even less intelligent?

Because someone wasn't born in this country that somehow makes their choices - no matter who they voted for - less than those Asian Americans who were born in this country?

What? Immigrants can't read?

I mean seriously - are these Obama supporters in the Asian American community such incredible poor ass losers (on ST) that they couldn't help but denigrate the Asian American community that did in fact vote for Clinton in the states that she won - all because their candidate didn't?

Vote for whoever it is that you believe in - that's your right - but don't trample over other Asian Americans like you're a racist white guy, just because they didn't vote the same way you did.