News Roundup

Monday, February 04, 2008

Some news from around the way:

Ulimate Showdown: Who’s More Asian, Barack or Hillary?

DEMOCRATS SAY the 2008 elections will be historic because their candidate will either be a (white) woman or a black man. As ever, the American cultural landscape is painted in blacks and whites—with the occasional splash of brown—while Asians are left out of the color scheme. At TMM, we think it’s high time to inject some yellow in the red, white and blue. Asians make up a whopping FOUR percent of the U.S. population (and 60 percent of us are Democrats).
SE Asian youth want Sue Carcieri to apologize

Soon she turned the conversation to a protest last month against the governor’s layoff of three Southeast Asian interpreters. At a news conference, a 15-year-old Cambodian girl said, among other things, “The governor is sending a clear message to my community that we are not valued or welcome.” And a 16-year-old Vietnamese boy called his actions “racist.”
SalesGenie's Tasteless, 'Racist' Super Bowl Ad

I'll be taking a fuller look later at the worst of this year's Super Bowl ads, but there's one that deserves a dishonorable mention of its own: SalesGenie's idiotic "Panda" spot, starring two annoying pandas with stereotyped Chinese accents.
Screen/Society--Cine-East: East Asian series--with Kim Soyoung

Special screening with S. Korean filmmaker Kim Soyoung! Visiting scholar and filmmaker Kim Soyoung will screen KORYU and I'LL BE SEEING HER: WOMEN IN KOREAN CINEMA, the first 2 parts of her celebrated "Women's History Trilogy." Followed by a Q&A with the director!