Rambo IV: Banned

Monday, February 04, 2008

I haven't seen the film but it is interesting that it seems to be making the news more and more - and now it's apparently been banned in Burma/Myanma and is being used as a focal point in some local talks against the government. Here are some links to some stories:

Stallone says 'Rambo' banned in Myanmar

Sylvester Stallone says his latest "Rambo" movie and its tagline are inspiring real-life opponents of Myanmar's ruling military junta -- and prompting a government backlash.
Myanmar expats raise Rambo battle-cry in Singapore

For some, it was elation at seeing somebody -- albeit a fictional Hollywood character -- taking it to the foot-soldiers of a military regime that has ruled with an iron fist for the last 46 years. For others, it was a painful but telling reminder of real life-and-death encounters. "Everything is almost -- 80 percent -- the same as what the movie showed," said 28-year-old Cinthy, a student who grew up in Karen State, where the mainly Christian people have been fighting for independence for 59 years.
Myanmar nationals remember demo victims with 'Rambo' screening

"Just like Rambo is in the movie, Burma is waiting for a hero or someone to lead the revolution," said engineer Maung Zaw, one of the Myanmar nationals who attended. Another audience member, Thu Yein, said the film showed "what is really happening" in Myanmar.