Obama Sweeps Tuesday’s "Potomac primaries"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You have to wonder if Clinton might be starting to make the same mistakes Giuliani was making that eventually left him bowing out of the race (believing too much of his own hype and not preparing for the competition) - or how much it even matters - has the Obama train, now that it spurred ahead in yesterday's primaries, just picked up too much steam?

Or will it go on as usual - each candidate winning small victories hoping to cling to the front-runner status?

Obama cuts into Clinton base

The Illinois senator racked up sizable wins in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, besting the former first lady by a margin of 2-to-1. He also narrowly pulled ahead among delegates for the first time in the contest. He did so by winning over many of the voters who form the core of Clinton's political base.
Obama, McCain sweep Potomac primaries

While Sen. John McCain was inching toward the Republican presidential nomination, Sen. Barack Obama staked a claim as the Democratic front-runner. Obama's wins in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia primaries propelled him past Sen. Hillary Clinton in the race for delegates. According to CNN calculations, Obama has 1,215 delegates to Clinton's 1,190.